The demand for PEM electrolyzers

The demand for PEM electrolyzers

Sep 26, 2023

The demand for PEM electrolyzers is anticipated to grow with the increasing demand from the end-use industries such as ammonia production, refining industry, power and energy storage, transportation, methanol production, and others.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that during the projected period 2022-2031, the increasing adoption of PEM electrolyzers in generating green hydrogen and the investment from the government and private sector companies toward renewable energy is expected to further fuel the advancement of the global PEM electrolyzer market. However, the lack of hydrogen infrastructures, such as hydrogen storage and hydrogen transportation, is anticipated to hinder market growth in the upcoming future

Market Lifecycle Stage

The global PEM electrolyzer market is in the growth phase. Rising sales of fuel cell vehicles and increasing focus on decarbonization and controlling greenhouse emissions are expected to boost market growth. Furthermore, due to high demand from the end-user industries and rising government regulations related to controlling GHG emissions are expected to increase the demand for eco-sustainable fuels, thereby bolstering the global PEM electrolyzer market. Moreover, the global PEM electrolyzer market is expected to benefit from the growing demand for green hydrogen, which would promote market expansion. The requirement for PEM electrolyzers is being stimulated by fuel cell electric vehicles as well.

Industrial Impact

Growing demand for hydrogen and green hydrogen is the main driving force behind the growing interest in the PEM electrolyzer market. As a result, these materials are getting prominence in a variety of industries, including transportation, refining industry, and power and energy storage, among others. One area where implementation has been significantly greater is ammonia production, which has created opportunities for both existing market participants and market entrants.

Furthermore, PEM electrolyzers have a moderate to high impact on end-user industries; however, in the upcoming future, with increased production of ammonia, electric vehicles, and other applications, the impact is anticipated to increase.

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We, a technological expert at the service of green hydrogen, develops cutting-edge technologies to design and produce PEM(Proton Exchange Membrane)electrolysers to meet new uses of hydrogen in mobility, industry and energy storage.

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