Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCM)

Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCM)

Sep 26, 2023

What is a catalyst coated membrane?

CCMs consist of precisely structured catalysts typically platinum (cathode) and iridium (anode) that are applied to solid membranes in a way which maximises hydrogen production. 


How do CCMs work?

Water flows into the CCM, where an iridium catalyst uses electrical energy to break water molecules into oxygen, protons and electrons. The electrons are driven through the external circuit and protons then cross the membrane. A platinum catalyst puts the protons and electrons back together to form hydrogen. 


What is CCM and mea?

An alternative version of a membrane electrode assembly is the 3-Layer MEA which is composed of a polymer electrolyte membrane with catalyst layers applied to both sides, anode and cathode. An alternative name for this type of MEA is a Catalyst Coated Membrane (CCM).


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