We are a team of experts in energy, power electronics, and technology development.

Our mission is to create innovative products and solutions which enable a sustainable way of life.

Who we are

We're a hydrogen energy technology company. Apter Power has been designing and manufacturing electrolyser systems that generate green hydrogen based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology Our electrolyzers require only renewable energy and water, with oxygen as the only by-product.

The technology uses only electricity (renewable) and tap water to generate hydrogen on site, and the product scale can be expanded.

When building an existing customer base, pay special attention to the following capabilities:

(i) Customized: Proton Exchange Membrane PEM membrane electrodes

(ii) Customized: Proton Exchange Membrane PEM electrolysers

 (iii) Power range of 500 kW (100 Nm^3/h) to 1MW (200 Nm^3/h)

Our modular electrolyzers can be deployed individually or en masse for any amount of on-site hydrogen production for any application.

The general principle is to extract excess energy from the (renewable energy) grid.

Convert it to hydrogen; “clean fuel” and use it in one of major market segments - Mobility, Power-to-X and Industrial.

Each has multiple application areas and our electrolyzers run on renewable electricity and water.




With a robust approach to research and development, Apter Power is always developing new technologies and pioneering solutions for the future.

Our stacks operate at the highest current density on the market coupled with leading conversion efficiency, which results in lower stack cost and reduced footprint

Overcome the technical problems of large-size PEM membrane electrode for electrolysis water electrolysis, improve the stability and mechanical strength of the membrane electrode, and reduce the difficulty of stacking

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