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Industrial PEM electrolyzers manufacturer

Industrial PEM electrolyzers manufacturer

Nov 04 , 2023
Build in Xiamen, China, we are a leading global manufacturer of industrial PEM electrolyzers (Proton Exchange Membrane Electrodes).
Against the backdrop of accelerating the transformation and prosperity of energy with green hydrogen globally, we are committed to designing and manufacturing efficient, standardized, and modular PEM electrolyzers,which is for using renewable energy to produce green hydrogen solutions.
Our corporate mission "Become the hero of green hydrogen plant"
PEM electrolyzer systems
PEM electrolyzer systems are the perfect partner for renewable energy. We have integrated multiple well-known enterprises in Europe, America and Asia as our PEM electrolyzer integration partners. We can provide customised PEM membrane electrode solutions for our electrolyzer integration partners.
How does CCM work?
CCMs usually consist of precisely structured catalysts, platinum (cathode) and iridium (anode) , which are applied in a maximised manner for hydrogen production by proton membranes. Water flows into the CCM,  where the iridium catalyst utilize electrical energy to decompose water molecules into oxygen, protons and electrons.
Electrons are driven through an external circuit and protons then cross the membrane and the platinum catalyst brings the protons and electrons back together to form hydrogen.
Gradientnano sttructure CCMs
Gradientnano sttructure CCM optimised systems are designed to meet user requirements using tailor-made, our unique precious metal catalyst formulations and multilayer structured slurry manufacturing processes. 
The different catalyst slurry structures in the cathode and anode layers form stable performance.
Benefits Of Our PEM Electrolyser
High -efficiency PEM technology 
Continuous validation and testing to provide performance life, competitive energy to hydrogen conversion
Dynamic Operations
PEM electrolyzers are designed for renewable energy and can operate dynamically at variable load rates
Modular Structure 
Allows flexible resizing using innovative technology and design, suitable for rapid scale-up
Hydrogen Generation
A purity suitable for fuel cell electric vehicles
High Output Pressure
The 20-30 bar hydrogen output pressure allows for a small product footprint and lower compression costs
Compact Design
Small footprint due to compact modular design increasing the number of applications
As a well-known "stretcher-loaded PEM membrane electrode manufacturer" in the industry, we have strong R&D and technology reserves.
Green hydrogen will be the core of the future energy system, we insist on efficiency, time -winning and service to provide global manufacturing enterprises with superior (PEM electrolyzer green hydrogen solutions) and build competitive advantage

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